FabLab Cali is a platform promoting the culture of peer-to-peer learning. It is an openspace for makers, inventors, artists and creative people who are willing to share their skills and experiences and insofar contribute to solve both local and global problems.

Fab users are primary schoolchildren but also craftsmen, technicians, engineers and, amateurs and professional “makers” form different background. All of them want to strengthen a culture that emphasizes on a critical and creative use of technological sources (means) in a collaborative approach.

FabLab Cali constitutes a space for hands-on experiments for students in engineering and design of the UAO but also for students from other institutions.

Here are the areas of work of FabLab Cali:

1. Training in design, fabrication and assembly of physical artefacts
2. Design and fabrication of low-cost machines
3. Development and adaptation of software for design and manufacture