La Facultad desarrolló sus propios adornos navideños


FabLab Cali trained the secretaries of the Faculty of Engineering to design and make their own Christmas decorations and in doing some experiments with digital fabrication.

FabLab UAO’s approach is to provide training course in the use of digital fabrication to the communities. This is a way to popularize digital fabrication for the people” says Dr. Naranjo, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

FabLab UAO has computer machine tools that were made available to a group of secretaries so they could make their own things, says Dr. Oscar Ivan Campo, professor in Automation and Electronics.

During the workshop (1-8 November), secretaries learned how to digitalize objects, use vector-editing software and finally laser cut their creation.

In this way, secretaries had access to the tools of digital fabrication and insofar giving them the possibilities to develop new projects, says Dr. Campo.

They used the laboratory equipment and also learned new ways to make their daily-life objects, says Martha Cecilia Realpe, head of the CAAI.

It was an opportunity to engage with machine tools of the university, explore new ways to make objects and also design in an easier and more accurate way such as an entrepreneur. It provides better quality, finished and varied products, says Patricia Valesco, CAAI secretary.